The Lift Kit: A 3D Vision Board


What you create from the LIFT Vision kit is a vision board – but a vision board that changes with you. A set of mini vision boards that become a mobile.

Definition: mo•bile: capable of moving or flowing freely, changeable It’s a deck of cards, a collection of words and pictures, a fluttering of leaves on a tree or pieces on a mobile.

Take your vision one thought at a time, in words on one side of a card…and in pictures on the back. It’s a guide through the process & it’s changeable as you reach your goals.

Available in the Original LIFT kit, Expanded LIFT kit and Custom LIFT kit.

Original Lift Kit

Perfect for anyone dipping a toe into the vision boarding world for the first time, focuses on concrete elements of your dream life.

Expanded Lift Kit

Goes beyond the basics into setting intentions for the way you want your life to feel and flow.

Custom Life Kit

Customize your very own bulk order of LIFT kits for your next workshop or event. Work alongside Kelly to design cards and prompts to support your message and coordinate with your theme.

Bulk pricing available on orders of 10 or more.

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