This is a Day (Poem)

This is a day

for contemplation and laughter

for wearing hats and silly scarves

for comfort and camaraderie

for new friends and fabulous food.

today I can be quiet,

today I can embrace my inner muse

today I shout to the rafters and giggle out loud

this is a good joke, a day of acceptance.

this is a day

of embracing my me-ness,

my I-am-what-am-ness

today is a day for embracing.

today is blue pitchers and salt + pepper shakers

today is Dopey and velvet hats and red boots.

Today is about Levis and white shirts, big hair + great earrings

today is about no pantyhose


Today I embrace 
vibrantly bohemian

-Kelly Pratt

(sometimes I write poetry.)

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