Thinking Differently

Using the 4 Primary Aims of Life as a my guide

I can’t help but  “think different.” In fact Linda Rasch recently helped me discover that this is actually “my why” — my reason for existing.  (based on the concept from Start with Why by Simon Sinek.)

And because of this I’ve always had trouble with the idea of the typical year-end planning that everyone does.

Next year in my PERSONAL LIFE I will . . . and in my PROFESSIONAL LIFE I will . . .

boxes! boxes! boxes!  My life never ever fits into those boxes.

My work feels like play and is my passion. Which means my PERSONAL life is solidly enmeshed with my PROFESSIONAL life and my CREATIVE life is part of both.

So how can I set goals or intentions that are in clean-cut LISTS or in nice little BOXES??

I can’t! That’s just the way it is!  Then several years ago I was at a Lisa Sonora BeamGorgeous Genius creativity retreat in Mexico. While there I read an article in a Yoga Journal called AIM HIGH.  It introduced me to a concept that shifted my paradigm. Don’t you love when that happens!


the 4 aims of life.  Or “the blueprint for human fulfillment.”
  • dharma (duty, ethics)
  • artha (prosperity, wealth)
  • kama (pleasure, sensual gratification)
  • moksha (the pursuit of liberation).”

This concept led me to change the way I created my future and to in turn, create the LIFT VISION KIT.  A different way of envisioning your goals and dreams.  Take 2 minutes to watch this…

There are three different sets of cards – and one set is  inspired by the “4 aims of life” – A fun creative tool for looking forward.  And for activating your Reticular Activating System (RAS).

Use your words, use images…

…and “create your future!”

Happy new year.