Some “So, do it!” Success Stories

Here are a few of our amazing clients.
Listen to what they have to say!

“The three “C’s” about Kelly: Creative, Connected and Compassionate.

Creative — my home would not be the perfect reflection of my personality without Kelly’s direct involvement.

Connected — the girl absolutely knows everyone! She’s a master at putting people together in ways that enrich everyone.

Compassionate — ever the thoughtful listener, asking just the right question that makes you think about things differently. She’s also passionate about everything she gets involved with.

Competence to spare, confident and current. — three more “C’s” that describe Kelly.”

Minnesota League of Women Voters

Terry Kalil, President

“We all need accountability and trustworthy support in our business and personal lives. We also need a sense of community – which often gets lost as we try to do things alone. The salons brought all this to me and I am so very glad I took the plunge!”

The Humane Marketer

Susan Murphy

“The resources Kelly brought to the Salon –
like the real time conversation with Cindy at Vervante Press.

A new source for products I would not have without the Salon.  Thank you!”

The Smart Women Company

Julie Hellwich, The Smart Women Company

“The Salon experience is really good for me! Making meaningful connections and idea sharing.

I am so glad to be a part of this community of women, helping one another and being able to focus on my project that I love, and be accountable for making time to get sh!t done!

Cj Staples Life Coaching

CJ Staples, Joyful Living Coach

“My “it” during the winter salon was to land my first full personal history client. And I  did!” 

Amanda Lathrop, Lead Sheep Productions

“Being a member of a So Do It! Salon and Community has given me a renewed passion for my business by providing  time and a forum to for focused concentration on some important things that have been simmering on a back-burner for too long.   It’s exciting to be a part of group of smart, fascinating, creative women who are interested in what I’m trying to do, hold me accountable to my own commitments  and cheer me on when I accomplish them.  I’m back for Round Two!”

Brauer Consulting Group

Susan Brauer

I did what I said I was going to do!

MATH WITH CRAYONS is a reality!

Kaisa Taipale, PhD, Author MATH WITH CRAYONS

Being a part of the Tuesday noon So, do it! Salon has been the SINGLE most important step in my professional development in years.

How’s THAT for a testimonial?!

Chanda Parkinson, Psychic Intuitive, Speaker, Author

Kelly is a master at adapting her teachings to each person’s style of learning and their receptiveness. Working with her I notice I am not only becoming more receptive, but also that she is ever better at tailoring her message for me.

Beth Richardson, Minnesota State Arts Board

Kelly energizes me to infuse my life with creativity and passion.

Jen Trulson

Jen Trulson, Life Coach and Sacred Guide