So, do it! Salons

So, do it! Salons

Salons begin September 7th – Join  now to participate in this Fall Series.


Bi-Weekly face-to-face gatherings with other creative women who are out to MAKE SH!T HAPPEN!


Simply put – you bring your idea, your dream or your goal (you know, the one you have been “meaning to get to” for the last couple years. You share your idea with the salon members, you commit to making it happen and THEN…you get to work doing!


Like many of us Helen was excited about her idea and she knew it could change the world – or at least “her” world. Her excitement only took her so far. Soon she began to realized that she needed people to talk to about her idea. People who would help her think it through. People who would encourage her. People who could offer advice and experience. People she could learn from. For Helen, working in a bubble wasn’t working.

The beauty of the So, do it! Salon is that you are no longer alone. You have an entire team of powerful, creative and supportive women along side you. They are cheering you on, holding you accountable and helping every step of the way.

Take IT to the next level and join a So, do it! Salon 12 weeks with up to 8 other creative thinkers to breathe space into your life life into your ideas.
A bit of co-working, Masterminding, coaching & a whole lot of connecting & support

Small groups keep your Salon intimate and connected.

how it works

Each Salon Series is 12 weeks. You will meet in person bi-weekly. During off weeks you will spend time working on your “IT”, communicating with your Salon members via a private on-line platform or in person if you choose.

You have a choice of which Salon time you choose. All meet on Thursdays – you choose the session best for your schedule:

Morning Salon 7:30 – 9:30am

Midday Salon 11:00am – 1:00pm

Evening Salon 5:30pm – 7:30pm

All live Salon sessions take place at Schmidt Artist Lofts in St. Paul

the basic flow of a live session

Welcome and check-in

Salon Topic Discussion and Q & A

“Do It” time . Co-working and Collaboration

*Open co-working time between Salon sessions

The experience of past salon members




getting started

Joining a Salon is easy! Just $649 (or 3 payment of $233) gives you complete access::

13-Week Session
Bi-Weekly Live group sessions
1:1 Coaching & Accountability
Private Online Salon
Project assistance

*Membership to the Online Society is included for FREE ($33/month value)



you deserve to see “it” through!

Join Helen and other women just like you who are ready to Make Sh!t Happen. Together we will create amazing things!

Just $649 to make vision a reality! Click now to join!