This is a Day (Poem)

This is a day
 for contemplation and laughter
 for wearing hats and silly scarves
 for comfort and camaraderie
 for new friends and fabulous food.
 today I can be quiet, today I can embrace my inner muse today I shout to the rafters and giggle out loud
 this is a good joke, a day of acceptance.

The Bamboo Lesson

The story of the bamboo tree keeps appearing to me lately. And it is a perfect metaphor for life, for starting a business, for just about any endeavor. Personally it fits like a glove. In 2008 I began planting the seeds of my business as a coach and creative catalyst. Now many years later I’m [...]

The Delicate Dance or Why You Need Someone Else to Lead

Julia Cameron says “ is a delicate dance knowing when to be stubborn in our knowing and when to open to input and others’ knowing.” I’m like many other women in our society who try to do everything themselves, be all things to all people – not asking for help or input… I’ve even been [...]