What’s Your Creative Rhythm? or Your M.O.?

When I talk about "creative Rhythm" I'm talking about the way you do your best work. How you honor your own natural instincts, your own rhythm, your Modus Operandi. Your M.O. is your Modus Operandi. Modus Operandi is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as method or mode of operation. Habits of working, particularly in the [...]

How Creative Rhythm Planning Works

Design INTENTIONAL PLANNING Practices There are two things we know for sure: 1. Energy flows where your attention goes. 2. If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real. (thank you Marie Forleo!) By using the concept of “planning with intention” we are making a conscious decision where our attention goes. By doing this, we’ll will reach [...]

Thinking Differently

Using the 4 Primary Aims of Life as a my guide I can’t help but  "think different.” In fact Linda Rasch recently helped me discover that this is actually "my why" -- my reason for existing.  (based on the concept from Start with Why by Simon Sinek.) And because of this I’ve always had trouble with the idea of [...]


We say “time flies.” But time doesn’t know how to fly.  Time only knows one pace – it just plods along, day after day. What flies is our attention – from one thing to another. To look back with a sense of peace we need to stop managing time and start managing our attention and [...]

On Being an Artist

I’m not a huge fan of labels. I’ve resisted them for the most part. But recently I was in a situation where I need to accept a label – even prove that I was worthy of it.  This was a stretch for me.  I wasn’t sure I believed it. But apparently there are others who [...]

Design a Life with White S.P.A.C.E.

“white space” – the empty space between and around the essential elements of a design A good designer knows that “white space” is critical to an elegant design. And a good composer knows when to add silence to emphasize the beauty of their composition. Designing a life is no different.  When you have the right [...]