That creative women crave connection.
That ideas are alive and deserve respect.
And that you’ll do your best work when you find
your unique CREATIVE RHYTHM.

are you a “So, do·er

noun •  /so·do͞oər/

  1. An innovative woman fueled by creative ideas + talking to think.
  2. Rarely bothered by challenges, she keeps her engine running with
    connection, innovation + doing what she said she’d do.
  3. Never ordinary, she thirsts for knowledge, craves community + is making sh!t happen.

After just a couple of group coaching sessions, I quickly realized I should have done this years ago. Kelly helped me dust off my creative passions and put them to work in a fulfilling business endeavor.  I just needed a little coaching to put my dreams into motion, ultimately giving my work life a creative new purpose. 

Jackie Jenson, Writer

Kelly is one of the most creatively infused spirits I know, her light shines bright!

Lailey Jenkins


Lailey Jenkins, Marriage and Family Therapist

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