That we are all creative.

That creative women crave connection.
That ideas are alive and deserve respect.
And that you’ll do your best work when…

…you Find your UNIQUE Creative Rhythm.

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I did what I said I was going to do!

MATH WITH CRAYONS is a reality!

Kaisa Taipale, PhD, Author MATH WITH CRAYONS

Kelly Pratt is a wildly creative soul who can coach you into confidence about your own creations. If you’re a “right brain thinker,” whose life revolves around invention or performance (in business, art, or life) she’ll fuel your passion and cheer on your efforts. If you’d love to be more creative, but feel shut down by fears or circumstances, she’ll unlock the cage and set you free.

Either way you’ll have a ton of fun.

Martha Beck, Best Selling Author

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